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My System Specs


I played the first (american) FF, it was amazing and is truly the single defining game that got me hooked on gaming to begin with, my game cartridge was broken so I couldn't shut down my NES without losing my progress, so I taped all the power cords to the wall and the NES and left it running. By the time I beat the game a couple times my NES was fried and my parents had to buy me a new one, SNES came out and I kid you not; I had the same problem with FF2. FF2 was my favourite, I couldn't get enough of Cid and Telleh in that game. Man I loved the FF games, oh how each one blew my mind equally back in the day. (CAn't wait for the new one for PS3!).

p.s. Off topic: For SNES: Earthbound rocked royal ass!
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