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My System Specs


Originally Posted by zlojack View Post

Have NOT overclocked.

The CPU is stock at 3.3GHz. I've overclocked the FSB to 400, but lowered the multi to 8 (stock is 10x333).

The RAM is 1600 stock. I've set most of the voltages to their stock settings in the bios (I don't like to leave things on auto). PCIE freq is set at 100.

I'll have to set everything stock and play some AOC tonight (since that was bringing it on most of all)

I might re-install Windows as some weird things happened during the install process (including activation, then loss of activation, then re-activation)

Reinstall Windows for sure. Also with AOC, drop yourself to shader 2.x, well anything but 3.0. Their shader is STILL screwed to all hell and dosn't work right. I know it looks like crap but I even played on it after hating the BSOD's I got. But I'd do the windows install first.
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