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I should explain a bit better.

A picture is worth a thousand words , so ;


Ok , so , the bottom part (where you see the wood desk) is my LAN room , It's where all my computers are.When I built it , I insulated it for serious sound dampening , prolly r-45 level insulation , as well as frequency layers , so needless to say heat tends to stay.Currently , I have the room actually vented for heat at 300 CFM.

5 steps up , is the main entrance hallway.You can see two doors there , one is my front door , one is the door to the garage.That floor is currently crap's 3' by 16' concrete prolly 6" thick.

Here's the deal.My garage and front door face north.They never get sun.The garage , and that floor are ALWAYS cold.....


So the thought crossed my mind , if I could move heat from a-to-b , my LAN room would be cooler , and the floor would be warmer.

My actual idea of 'heating the floor with water loops' is waaay down the road , cause I'm the guy thats gotta do it all....hehehe , but the heatsink is there without question.

If I'm going to build a minor folding farm ( which I am) I might as well use the heat.I think I might try pumping the hot air from my rack and main rig out to the floor , but watercooling really would work better.

Just something I'm tossing around in my head.

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