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Nice to know I don't think there was any major revelations there...I look at all the pretty charts and think damn glad I have my HX1000 which brings me to another point the left out several highly accliamed PSU's mostly from Corsair (HX620, TX750,) and They do not do enough comparison between the 500-750 range and the 800-1000watt range to really bring home there point. Besides all this debunking WTF you cant tell anenthusiast he doesnt need a 1000Watt PSU cause its over kill it's like saying you dont need 8GB Ram, a >4.0ghz OC processor, Tri SLI video Cards, Dual Quad Core processors, a triple loop WC, LN2 or Phase Change Cooling. OR IN another field you dont need 700HP to make a car go fast...........we know this but that doesnt mean were not going to do it anyway.

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