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The biggest issue i'm having with fs at the moment is the autogen. Normally i'd say "yeah, 15 fps isnt to bad with full autogen and AI aircraft in the air and on the ground turned on" but my "getting kinda oldish" laptop is doing 25 fps pretty steady with all sliders full but AA and bloom turned off. There is no way my dual core notebook at 1.7 ghz, 2 gig of slow ass laptop ram and an integrated nvidia 7600 gpu should be outshining my 3.5 ghz quad with 4 gig high performance ram and quad SLI 9800gx2 monster of a computer....

I've got fs on my e8400 also and it runs very similar on that pc as it does my quad pc wich is hella strange because both pcs are much much more powerfull in EVERY way than that old laptop!? or do i have like the HE-MAN of laptops??

I'm beginning to think its the motherboard, when i had my p5k installed i dont remember having any trouble at all running FS at full sliders, and that was with a slow hard drive a q6600 and a single 8800 gts. all lesser than the system i'm running now.

I've thrown everything i can think of at this problem
- overclocked the ram / proc
- faster hard drive
- xp 32 AND vista 64
- vid drivers
- reinstalled fsx
- every tweak available for fsx
- wore out at least a couple google hard drives searching for people with similar issues

I think that pretty much covers all the bases for troubleshooting... I'm at the end of my knowlage here, what am i missing?

vista 64 on these rigs
Q9450 @ 3.5Ghz | E8400 @ 4.2Ghz
8gb Muskin Redline. | 2gb Kingston Hyperx
________________________________|_________________ ______________
EVGA 780i FTW ----\--||___||--/---- EVGA 780i SLI
Antec TP Quatro 1000W \ :==^==: / Antec TP Quatro 850W.
Nvidia 9800 GX2 X 2 SLI \|--o--|/ Nvidia 8800 GTS X 2 SLI
1X 500GB Western Digital. \_____/ 3X 150GB WD RAPTOR RAID-0
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