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Default 64 bit/4gig ram system only using 2 gigs

heres a stupid question thats been floating around in my head for a while...

i'm running vista 64 bit with 4 gigs of ram

i'm mostly running 32 bit programs

i've YET to see my system use much more than 2 gigs of ram (couple times like 2.17 kinda thing) I know alot of the programs i use could use alot more than the paltry 1 - 1.5 gigs they're getting (vista is using around a gig on its own, i know some of that is vista making use of the ram loading whatever it decides to load that day, but still...)

i'm "assuming" that they're not using more than 2 gigs because they are only 32 bit programs, but is there a way to force the proggies to use more than 2 gigs?

i thought i saw something about this once, but google isnt coming up with it now.

vista 64 on these rigs
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