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Default The Ultimate Gaming Rig

Well Guy's its about that time i get my ass in gear and pick up all of my parts
here is a parts list

Skulltrail d5400xs MoBo
Pair of 3.2GHz Core 2 Extreme QX9775 processors
8GB FBDIMM 800MHz DDR2 Ram (thing of watercooling)
3 GTX280'S Tri-Sli XFX XXX Series
Koolance 1300 Watt WaterCooled Psu
3 DD-Tieton GTX 280 WaterBlocks
2 Maze4 Cpu WaterBlocks
DD South-Bridge WaterBlock
2 BlackIce 480mm Rads
2 226watt Pelts
Danger Den Round Res
2 DD 12V Pumps
2 V-Raptors in Raid 0 300GB

ill post pictures once things start arriving i am sure ill be adding more to this list
CPU: Dual QX9775
Ram: 4GB FB-Dimm
PSU:Koolance 1300 Watt
Graphics: Tri sli XXX GTX280 XXX
HDD:2 Supertalent SSD
LCD:24IN Samsung wide
Danger Den WC Setup
4 Pelts 226Watt
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