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Originally Posted by miggs78 View Post

I have a question people, trying to install the EK 4870 block, now the pictures on the instruction paper given is not all that clear. I applied AS5 (I don't have ceramique, didn't remember to get it :( ).. so applied thermal compound on the ones marked, where else should I applying thermal paste.

Also they gave thermal pads and to be applied on these:

Now on the longer black chips they asked to put thicker 1,5mm thermal pad and on the one after that they say apply thinner 0,5mm thermal pad.. what I'm confused about is there is only 1 full piece of one size of pad, then thinner and thicker.

Need help please
My guess is they want you to cut the pad accordingly.
Thats what i had to do with my 3870X2 EK block.

There should be a template on what sizes to cut it on the instructions paper.
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