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Default Multiple systems in one case

Having an itch you can't scratch is like wanting to build a system without having a need for yet another one. I have been considering getting an Antec P180 or 900 for a while now. I decided on the P180 with the plan to build 3 systems in the same case.

I removed the top drive cage which is to hold 2 hdd's or used as an air duct for a 120mm fan.

1st system:
I made a motherboard tray out of MDF and installed it instead of the hdd cage. I used my Intel D201GLY2 which is a mini-itx mobo for my print server, fax server, file server system. Since this system uses a power brick, there was no need to install a 2nd ATX power supply in the case.

2nd system:
I installed my ASRock Conroe1333-D667 in the traditional place and used a Coolermaster 550 watt psu eventhough it's overkill ... for now.

I used the reset button on the case as the power switch for the 1st system along with a hdd led.
I ran the leads from my KVM through an open PCI cover at the rear and the rest of the cables for this system through the gromits in the back. Since this system is on 24/7, I connected the rear 120mm fan to this system for air flow.

The 2nd system is wired standard and the two other 1200mm fan are running off the Coolermaster.

Hard drives:
I have 4 hdd's installed in the hdd cage at the bottom of the case. One 500GB for the server system 1 and 3 others attached to the ASRock mobo.

I found that there are some areas in the case which are sharp like around the power supply area. I also found the connectors on the 120mm fan provided were kind of cheap and I actually broke one of them. However, I really like the quality of this case.

The 3rd system ... well I do have a plan to add it later. I forsee using a M-ATX mobo and mouting in front of the ASRock board. Since this ASRock has no pci or video card installed, there is room to add it. Also, the power requirements of a M-ATX mobo, celeron D 4xx series cpu, hdd and dvd drive is only about 115 watts. A small power supply will be needed, along with some better cable management to pull it off.
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