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Default Help, Need some advice on a upgrade from a GTX260

So my EVGA GTX260 (192) SP just showed up yesterday. Now before I open it I am thinking about the possibility of selling it unopened for 300 Cash here in Canada then buying something better.
I see on EVGA's website they are selling the
EVGA GTX260 (192) Core for 299.99 USD
And the
EVGA GTX260 (216) Core for 299.99 USD

So first off I see that for the same price I could get the new 216 Core GTX260
But here is a bit of a catch for trying to step-up, I just had a EVGA 9800GTX which I used to step up to the GTX260 basically for free. I bought the 9800GTX four months ago when it was just over 300 bucks USD, Then as the Price of the GTX260 dropped, I cashed in my Step-up to get the GTX260 for free
So stepping up again is out of the question says EVGA.

I could sell my unopened GTX260 then buy the core (216) GTX260 for 299.99, But does anybody have a better Idea to get more performance for my 300 dollar Canadian?
Is there any ATI products that would beat my GTX260 (192) core for around 300 Bucks?
Really need some solid advice people to get the most gaming performance I can for my money
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