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I'm sure it was the OC, and 99% sure it was the OC on my memory. I actually didn't reinstall the software. Not because I doubted it'd help, but because I wanted to keep everything a constant and make sure it was or wasn't my OC. I benched my CPU a lot more than my memory. In all honesty those Redlines are in some instances too good, cause It took FOREVER to show errors on any voltage/mhz and no matter what software I used I really had a hard time pinning down errors, then all the sudden I'd be gaming and I could sort of feel a difference, I could tell something was off so I'd retest and boom; Error! Anyways I eventually gave up lol and left them with what I felt was my best becnhes. Well I'll have to go back and work on that ram tonight and through the weekend.
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