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Originally Posted by misterd View Post
Count yourself lucky. I blew out a set of those Ballistix 8500 myself. RMA'ed them, got a replacement from Crucial (not too bad to deal with) and then ordered some Mushkin Ascents 4GB kit a month later. There's a lot of horror stories about the Ballistix, do some searching. On NCIX they even put a note on the RAM saying incompatible with p35 chipsets - this was long after I bought mine though.
When the Ballistix changed to single sided this became a problem on the P35's but the older double sided Ballistix were OK. I have some I bought in Dec or Jan and the worked well for me. My Redline Ascents (8000's) work better though. (This is on a Gigabyte P35-DS4)
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