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[sswilson / miggs78]
Thanks for the compliments! :)

I like the "industrial" look of the HAF too. But, I was more impressed when I first saw how CM implemented some WC little touches for this new case, so I chose this case for the new WC setup instead of reusing my older Tt Kandalf.

These Koolane QDC fittings are restrictive - no doubt about that. Generally most quick disconnects do affect flow/pressure, but the Koolance ones may be a bit worse? However, the interesting thing is that the new radiator for this loop (BlackIce GT240 Stealth) is more restrictive than the Koolance fittings. Oh well.

[Cptn Vortex]
I agree with you about the plastic on the HAF. I knew there was plastic but when I actually removed it from the box and really saw the HAF for the first time, the plastic front face fascia reminded me of my first case that used to house my IBM XT then later a 286 - good thing it's black and not beige, I suppose.

I would have liked a LianLi too, the A7010 actually, but my wallet totally disagreed with me on that decision. ;)

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