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Originally Posted by SugarJ View Post
My turn to chime in here. When building a gaming system, work backwards. Pick your monitor size/resolution first, then pick parts to drive them at the FPS you want.

If you're using anything less than a 24" or 1920x1080, the GTX 280 is overkill, IMO. Also, I've heard of TONS of problems with people using Nvidia chipsets having their mobo's blow up, far more than the Intel chipsets. If you're set on SLI, go for it, but usually you don't get twice the framerate by dropping in a second card at a later date. You're better off buying the newest generation single card solution.

CPU - Get the Q9550, you're spending an extra $200 for 0.17Ghz. I can almost guarantee you could mildly overclock it to 3.0 without a voltage change just by bumping the FSB to 352 from 333. Stick with the Quad if you're doing anything else besides gaming and surfing on it, but if it's a pure gamer, the Duo's are faster. Very few games utilize more than 2 cores as yet, and benefit more from the higher clock speeds on the Duo.

Case - The Stackers and Black Pearls are awesome cases. If they're in your budget you'd be much happier with them in the long run.

PSU, HDD and Ram are good. The Audigy stinks. Sorry. Get a Xonar DX.

Good luck with your build.

Ok let me work through this post here. Bear with me haha. First build so I have to keep going through things. You suggest using a different motherboard, an Intel rather than the nforce 780i? Have you any suggestions as to which? One that's equivalent (or better) to the nforce for close to the money and is good for a gaming rig? You say the nvidia boards are less reliable and more prone to blow up? (sorry having to confirm everything, still learning CPU hardware language) Also, (pretty rookie question) they're blowing up because of the board, not the fact that the GTX 280 is running on a smaller res?

I guess I'll settle with the Q9550 and be REALLY careful trying to OC it to 3ghz since I've never OC'd anything before. With the money saved on the chip maybe I can get a bigger monitor.

As for the case...I'm tearing between 3 different ones here. The Antec 1200 (or whichever in the series is a full tower case), the Stacker series, and the Black Pearl. Is any one of them better than the other, I'd like to get enough cooling for sure.

Thanks for your replies everyone, I'm learning and it's greatly appreciated!
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