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For design work I think quad's a good idea. To get the Q9450 to 3 GHz you "should" be able to remain under Intel's voltage spec. I've read of many people getting there on stock volts but that is not guaranteed. Not much risk if you don't go over spec on the voltage and hell with the money you save compared to the Q9650 you could almost buy a spare just incase LoL!

I was looking at getting a Q9450 hoping to get it to 3.4GHz for some crunching goodness but have decided to get another E8400 and hope it can do 4.2 or 4.4 'cause my current one only does 3.8 :(.

Something I just thought of though. Two GTX 280's might be bottle necked by a 2.66 or 3 GHz proc so that could be a waste of money (someone correct me if I'm wrong please). If so I'd recommend an Intel chipset over nVidea as they seem less problematic from the reading I've been doing and just stick with one GTX280. Unless you have a monster monitor one card is probably all you need anyway those cards are way fast.
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