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Default Wired home network


I will have a second computer soon, I will use it to record tv shows and to feed my tv whenever I want it.

I'd like too be able to access the second computer with my current rig and acces internet with the second rig. The way I'd like it to work it that I could acces the second computer desktop on my current rig, a bit like the tech support at the office who are able to connect to my computer remotely to troubleshoot.

- I was wondering what type of program I could use or if it is possible ?
- My second rig would be running XP while the other one will be running vista
64. Is this possible or shoud I run vista 32 opn the new computer ?
- Since iD like the scond computer to be able to access internet (it will be
folding ) and they will be close enough for me to hard wire it to the modem
cable, should I look to buy a ethernet hub, router ?

Sold hardware again.....
Currently using WHS hardware....
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