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Originally Posted by Spaceman-Spiff View Post
If this card is priced at USD$300, it will be around CAD$320-330 here? And is that the price of the normal edition or the Superclocked edition?

Considering the price of 4870 is now around $260-300 (usually after MIR), I think the GTX 260 Core 216 is not a good value card.

UPDATE: Seems to be $345 @ NCIX.
I have no comment about the NCIX price but expect it to drop within the next few days. I find it is a great value vs the HD 4870 especially considering it spanks the ATI card in the majority of the tests. Not only that but it comes with a lifetime warranty, excellent customer support and a trade up program. From what I see, there is not one ATI board partner that offers even two of those things.
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