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Default Older E8400 OC Voltages

Hi all, I know thier has likely been a few threads on this, but thought I'd quickle throw this out thier.
Over this past 7 months I have pretty much settled on an OC of 3.6 Ghz @ 1.275v set in BIOS, everything is fine. However, I wanted to see more and had been at 3.8 Ghz for the past month, pretty hefty jump in vCore was required to attain a Prime95 stable system, had to go up to 1.356250v (upper limit of Intel specifications), everything was fine.
I have since replaced my 8800GTX with a GTX 260 FTW edition (further OC's beyond FTW specs) and have been running my CPU at 4.05 Ghz.
I tried pretty much all Voltages between 1.356250v and 1.45v, with 1.45v required to attain Prime95 Stable (short FTT for 2 hrs and OCCT for 2hrs). I'm quite confident that if I went the 12 - 18 hrs blended things would be fine, but I get bored, ADD...hahaha.
Anyhow @ 4.05 Ghz:
1. FSB 450 Mhz Quad pumped vCore @ 1.45v, under Prime95 Load 1.39v Temps 54 - 56 celcius, idle at 37 celcius (Temps monitored with Core Temp and / or Real Temp, both identical values)
2. My Mushkin is unlinked and running at 1,000 Mhz 5-5-5-12 2T @ 2.1v

I guess I wound up with one of the "less voltage required chips" and am wondering:
1. Will the chip be relatively safe at the 1.45v and temps?
2. Would I get better performance by dropping my Mushkins to 1:1 ratio and running at 900Mhz instead of the 1GB (ratio 9:10)?

As I type this I'm waitng to see if I get reply back from DC Support, as I queried as to whether or not the E8500 they have for $210 is the EO version or not. I understand that NCIX won't take the time to check the box, but perhaps DC will.

Thanks for any input. See Sig for all Specs.

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