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Originally Posted by MpG View Post
You can't possibly be upset over that. That's an amazing overclock for a quad on air, to say nothing of that FSB. Any chance of seeing a couple hours of stress testing on that setup?
He's nowhere close to stable, so nope.

Originally Posted by renoracer View Post
here is some prime 95 numbers been running for 2 hours

and as for me hitting 4.8 not a problem getting to boot into windows will for a bit an the the BSOD hits fact of the matter is does not have to be stable at 4.8 just as long as i got it that high regardless on what you guys think i really dont care
just a simple fact of you saying that it would be almost impossible for me to get higher than 4.2 well there is 4.3ghz and its been like that for 1 week no issues

maybe you need to learn how to overclock or maybe do some research before you open your mouth and be bashing so with that said can you do better???
if not then go play in someone else topic :rtfm:

LOL....get the version of P95 that stresses all four cores, not just one.

25.6 btw

I called you out because i've been overclocking for years & i know BS when i see it.

So once you run v25.6 P95, how many seconds before it errors or BSODs?
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