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Default What a hellish night

Ok so i must be really off my game as tonight i have managed to kill both my main computers. I feel like a noob. On the first one i spilled water all over my m3a32-mvp and now it won't post so i was like whatever i still have my m2a-vm. So i hook it up and poof smoke and fire comes out of my psu and now that system is freaking dead. So i have had it i cam going to junk the whole lot of it and start fresh. Except the HDD they are still fine. Now i have been seeing that intel seems to give the best bang for the buck these days in terms of performance but since i have been using AMD for some 10 odd years this is unknown territory. So i need some guidence. How ever in regards to the motherboards i have had good experince with Asus in the past but if you have other suggestions to consider please let me know. I have the following hardware i am bringing over.

4x Samsung F1 750 GB HDD
3x Seagate 320GB HDD
1x Seagate 500GB HDD
1x 36GB WD Raptor
1x Seagate 200GB HDD
6 GB Gskil PC-1066 DDR2
Antec P182 Case (All of the drives fit)

So i am looking for the following parts.

Videocard (willing to try nvidia again, but i am not sli'ing)
Optical Drive
OS - Maybe it's time i picked up Vista 64 :)
Raid Card 8 port or higher, considering 3ware or areca.

The cheaper the better but i am hoping to keep it under $1200 bucks if it all possible.

Also if anyone wants a lot of somewhat burning smelling parts and doa have i got a deal for you.
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