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Default New HCF folding members please post here for intro and tag requests!

Hey guys;
Chriskwarren here. I am updating Pete_Scout's original team 54196 thread. Pete was a founding member of our team, who has since passed on. We fold in his honour still, and we continue to use this thread.

If you are new to our folding team, please post the following information about yourself:
  1. Your folding username. This is especially important, as the site admins will need your folding username in order to give you a nifty folding tag (looks like this and sits under your username. Ie. a person named 'Superjohnny' on the Hardware Canucks Forum may fold under the username 'Johnny Smith'. Please include both if different.
  2. Any other info you would like to share.
Have fun folding, and feel free to create a thread with any questions!

Team 54196

Pete's original post below

Well, I was not a founding member of this team, but there were only 5 or 6 ahead of me ....

So please share with us who you are and your Stanford folding id if different than your forum id.

When i first started folding a few years ago I looked for a Canadian based team but had no luck. So since I had spent a lot of time on OCF forums learning how to build and OC pc's I finally decided to join their team.

Why do I fold? Because it is a good cause, more valuable to humanity IMO than other DC projects (eg SETI, Prime95/GIMPS, etc) and it gives me something useful to run on the the OC'ed PC's I like to build.

Why do I fold for HCF? Because it is a new Canadian team trying to get established, and because it will help recruit new people to the folding cause.

It is such a shame to see so many powerful computers around that just sit idle 90+ % of the time. Sure, it takes a bit more electric to run folding, but if the machine is on anyway, it is not really much more. And face it, very few of us can really consume 100% of the cpu cycles with most any applications we run. Even gaming tends to be much more video card dependant than cpu. Video encoding/rendering will certainly drive high cpu, but other than commercial graphics companies, very few of us likely run such CPU intensive for much, if any of our time on the PC.

Lots of people fold because they have lost family or friends to diseases like cancer, Parkinson's, Alzhiemer's, etc. That is partly true for me ... but more important to me is my basic desire to see humanity improve for the better, for the future of my kids, and theirs, and the rest of the people on this planet we share.

So start folding for team HCF!
And recruit your friends and family

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