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The first thing I would do is disable all 3rd party programs and services.

To do this:

Start > Run .. > msconfig > Services tab > Check "Hide All Microsoft Services" > Click Disable All > Click Apply > Startup tab > Click Disable All > Click OK > Restart your computer.

This is just for diagnostic purpsoses, so note that not your anti-virus will not be functional (don't start hitting up porn and warez sites immediately after the restart :P) and some of your hardware may not function until you reenable the necessary startup programs and services (i.e. webcam, scanner, etc.)

If you no longer experience issues, you're going to have to go through the arduous task of determining which services/program(s) is causing the issue. If you are still experiencing issues, you're going to have to do further diagnostics to determine whether you have a hardware issue or a corrupt OS. If hardware, it's likely related to the memory or hard drive. I would first try Start > Run ... > cmd > chkdsk /r c: It will check for disk errors on your main partition and attempt to fix them. Note that it may take several hours, so schedule it for a period where you won't be using your computer (i.e. over night or while at work).

Oh, and you don't need to pull the plug; just hold the power button down for 5-10 seconds and it will shut down.
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