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Default My Favourite Free Anti Malware Tools

If you're looking to keep nasty malware off your system in the first place, here are several programs I recommend:
  1. Spybot - Be sure to update AND immunize, otherwise it will not act as protection. You don't really need the tea timer etc. Great for removal too.
  2. Spyware Blaster - Remember to keep this updated and enable all protection. You have to do it manually or you can pay for automatic updates.
  3. Comodo BOClean - If you're prone to nasties, this will keep you clean for sure. All of my at-risk clients that can deal with a little performance loss get this program.
  4. Spyware Terminator - Can be a bit of a system hog, but it's excellent for prevention and removal. However, the prevention mechanism can be a little naggy.
As a side note, make sure your Java version is up-to-date. Some of the worst nasties get in through vulnerabilities in older versions. Make sure you remove the old versions from the control panel as well.
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