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Originally Posted by LCB001 View Post
I don't use Fahmon, but it should be the same.
From 3.0 Charlie in another thread...

Install GPU2 - make sure you know the path to the Work folder.

D/L Fahmon
Right click the window, clock Add new client.
Add a name for the client
Browse to the Top folder where the Work folder is situated - not the actual Work folder.
It may take a few percentages until Fahmon recongnizes the Client.
Thanks! hmmm i have no idea where my work folder is situated....any address? OS is XP32 pro


Originally Posted by Dwayne View Post
there are a couple of programs that let you see the points per day (ppd) you are attaining. fahspy and fahmon. You have to find the working folder though as it is not in the program files directory. In vista it is where I indicated, XP should be in the c:\documents and settings\yournamehere - after that you would hunt it down as I don't have an XP machine to search it out.
Just read that, but still cant seem to find it
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