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mm, I hear ya! I am just totally wanting like a REAL server chipset with PCIx and scsi raid 5! Just so I can always upgrade, but really, It would have to be like socket 771 and like dual processor. And like 3 15k scsi drives. And at least 8-12 GB of ram, You wait and see. THat wont be crazy,m not with the way server OS are going. And thats the way that ALL OS are going. Bigger and better, which only means, in reality, better memory management. So, I wouldnt be surprised, that liek OpenBSD, and FreBSd get DX support LoL. Oh man!, can you imagine haveing like a whole rack of P3's load balanced through intel server NIC's running one game? And better yet, having that game rendered through a skulltrail like system running Power 6 processors? LoL Teh Pwnage!
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