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Nope , Rome was'nt built in a day.

"Every drop counts !! " the old woman said as she pissed into the sea.


As much as I enjoy the PPD racing ( I've stepped over 61 bodies on my way to Cptn Vortex's front door in the last 4 days.heheh , the next 16 will be harder. )....

But truely ,it really isn't a race.It's about doing your part.


I started with SETI because it was cool too.Best screensaver evar.....when folding came out , I decided to stay with SETI simply out of loyalty.....I'm glad it ended tho , I do think folding is more productive in the short term.

Tazer-[x] : I havn't seen that one.Is that the grid CERN uses ?

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