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My System Specs


I tried everything dude and my ram seems to be mint.

After the system is sitting for a while it will boot up cold with no problems. Everytime I reboot after that the 3870X2's fan speed will fluctuate as though it keeps rebooting, and eventually the computer will boot up but with no video. If I keep hitting reset and screwing around the video and everything will work eventually but REALLY I don't like doing that. It's more then likely not good for any of the components, mostly the psu. Also........ it's just not right! lol

Right now I'm running the X2 ALONE and it works PERFECTLY as did the two regular 3870's in CF. I'm able to do almost anything I want with the RAM in the bios. I have my CPU boosted up a tad and cranking out 3.3GHz right now too.

So...... I believe there's either a MAJOR video card bios conflict between the X2 and the regular 3870, or the motherboard is acting retarded intermitently with both cards installed, or the 3870X2 isn't liking the PCI-E slot when it's in x8 mode while in CF.

I'm not sure what to do now at this point
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