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Default Distributed Computing Histories.....

I'm curious about the hardcore DC'ers here.

While I'm a newb to the HWC team , I've done some previous work , And I'd like to see where people sit.

Here's my history under the alias of 'BrainEater' ;

I started with SETI in 98 or 99....Until seti 1 finished , (SETI 'classic' now) :
2553 WU
11410 hrs 34 mins 28 secs CPU time
~7914 TFlops

My Folding stats for MTB :
1184 WU
192,066 pts


4 WU so far.......


Intel 3930k /rIVe/32 Gb vengeance LP/Nvidia TITAN/760/760/Intel 520's/WD raptors/etc...
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