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Default Back up software??

Didn't really know where this fit in with the rest of the board, and this sub forum felt like about the best fit, so here it goes.....

So I am running Vista Ultimate 64bit (just so everyone knows) I currently run the OS off of a 250 HDD, and then have another 640 HDD that I use for my applications.

I also have two extra dedicated HDDs for back ups 1-250 to back up my OS drive, and 1-640 to back up my apps drive.

So to my pea brain all seems well so far, so I tried to use the built in backup in Vista, but it insists on trying to back up both of the drives to one target drive (not what I wanted) kind of hard to fit both a 250 and 640 gig drive on one 250 drive .

My plan was to back up both hard drives to their own mated (size wise drives) through the use of a removable HDD bay I have intstalled in my machine. (ie back up the 250 OS drive to the empty 250, and the 640 app drive to the empty 640 drive, and then store my back ups seperatly from the machine and have them on hand for when the machine eventually goes down. And in that event simply boot off the Windows disk, and restore the drives from the back ups, and carry on.

Hopefully that was clear (albeit long winded) enough. So what I am in search of is a utility to perform the back up program that I had invisioned (doesn't have to be a freeware/shareware, acctual commercial product is fine, as long it is resonable priced maybe up to 50 - 75 dollars(? - admitedly I don't know the price range of this type of product). But is easy to use. I am looking for something that will allow making fully bootable,cloned, carbon copy of the drives they are backing up.

I was hopping to get some feedback of what others might be using for their own back up, to get an idea of what a good program is, and what to avoid like the plague

Yes I tried this question at a different forum (thus the smileys) but seems almost like a ghost town over there.
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