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Originally Posted by Dashock View Post
yea mon im getting 3500 ppd now what a killer of almost 2000 ppd but reading those statements eventually the new projects will favor Nvidia.

"In the long run in this GPU generation, I *expect* SP for SP that an NV GPU will be about 2.5x faster than an ATI SP. This is of course then modified by SP count and processor clock. If Mike finds a structural optimization to his code, then I will revisit that ratio, but that's my prediction for now. And the game resets with the next hw generation anyway so it's an ongoing arms race.".
Actually no.

Nvidia GTX 280 = 240 Shaders x 2.5 = 600

ATI HD4870 = 800 Shaders = 800

Going by those numbers it looks like a HD4870 is going to be about 25% faster than a GTX 280 in terms of folding power simply due to the number of shaders the RV770 core has.
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