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I've been in your shoes before, and I think I can help. This is possible to do only as long as your new laptop is running the same OS as your old computer as far as I know. (And I've only done it in XP)

First, install iTunes on your new laptop and then open it, running the setup wizard. Next, make sure it's set up the same as it was on your old machine. (make the same folder your music folder, etc.) Transfer all your music over into the same folder as it was previously in. In other words; if you had your music in c:\music\ on your old computer, then make sure you make a folder on you new laptop that is the same and place all your music there. Next, go in to your "my music" folder and grab the 'iTunes' folder and copy it over to the "my music" folder on your new laptop, overwriting the iTunes folder that's there from your new install. (This folder contains the data files, etc. from iTunes that have the playlists and such) Now start up iTunes and *voila!* iTunes should be up and running exactly the same as it was on your old machine. You shouldn't even see a change.

Hope this helps, and good luck!
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