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Default Reno's Gaming Rig (Insane)

Hi Guys just want to post some pics of my gaming rig let me know what you all think

Asus P5Q3 Wifi Deluxe
Q9550 OCED 4.2Ghz
G.Skill 1333 DDR3 2gb Ram
Zalman 9700 Cpu Cooler LED
750Watt ocz psu/got a 1200watt thermaltake on the way(thanks SKYMTL)
4870x2 Crossfire
4870x2 Crossfire
2 raptors 36gb Raid 0
1V-Raptor 150gb Storage
CoolerMaster CM-690 Case

i had to take out a card as my current psu cant handle the stress

here are some pics enjoy

just took out one of the cards

my 3dmark06 score still have to fine tune the cards i should reach 25,000 3dmarks

CPU: Dual QX9775
Ram: 4GB FB-Dimm
PSU:Koolance 1300 Watt
Graphics: Tri sli XXX GTX280 XXX
HDD:2 Supertalent SSD
LCD:24IN Samsung wide
Danger Den WC Setup
4 Pelts 226Watt

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