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Default Lian Li PC-C36 & PC-C37 slim matx desktop case

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The PC-C36 has a TFX 300W PSU, with a backplate that can be switched between 4 low-profile expantions or 2 full size expantions with riser card.
The PC-C37 can take a full size ATX PSU, with a fixed 4 low-profile expantions.
PC-C36 is at least ~200$ and the PC-C37 is at least ~150$.
They are less than 10cm high, so that's pretty slim, even slimmer than the NSK1480, AND takes a full ATX PSU in the case of PC-C37 (silent 120mm fan hourray!)

I'm wondering what i should get.
A C36, a geforce 8300 board with hybridpower and a 9800GT.
Or a C37 that's 50$ less, and get a DFI matx board that has two x16 PCIe slots and do a 3 way crossfire with 2x low profile HD3450 + IGP, and a silent full ATX PSU. This should be more silent, but i don't think it'll beat the first option for gaming.

here are links to the cases:
C36: Lian Li Industrial Co., Ltd.
C37: Lian Li Industrial Co., Ltd.
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