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Originally Posted by Dwayne View Post
encorp: I am not sure that the PSU is installed wrong. If it was at the top of the case the fan would point down into the case and still be sucking air out of the case and exhausting to the rear. The installations that have the fan at the bottom sucking air into the PSU and exhausting out are keeping the PSU cool but not contributing to the case cooling. Whether that is a good thing or not, I am not sure though. But the case temps is not high, so I am sure it is doing ok the way I have it installed.
I've always preferred to not have my PSU contribute to case cooling at all, and in most modern cases I don't think it's necessary. Especially in a case like the Antec 900 with the fans it has. A PSU electromagnetically sucks huge amounts of dust and having it ventring through the inside of the case causes it to circulate the dust through the entire case and not just the PSU. One of the things I did with my 900 was seal it from dust very well; cutting the hole in the bottom for the PSU eliminates A LOT of dust from the case enclosure; I actually used foam door strips to line the square cutout for the PSU to keep it dust tight around that opening and same with all other case openings.

Then I covered the left panel vent screen with black nylon stocking and screwed it back on. I also cut out carbon fiber filters from a furnace filter and used them in the front fants and top + rear exhaust fan to catch more dust. The antec 900 is great because if done correctly you can vacuum clean the outside of the case and remove all dust. I actually have near zero visable dust, none on my heatsink, just a tad on the top of the PSU (where it gets sucked magnetically more so than the rest of the comp)

Even with the filters my air flow is well balanced and my case and cpu temps are VERY well below what they should be. The only place air passes through my case without filters is on my two video cards.

Anyways long blab, esp when we're supposed to be talking about cable management haha - cutting a hole and setting the psu right side up really can help with it as the cables then come out of the psu near the right panel/mobo side of the system.

Maybe I should just post some pics of my case lol.
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