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My System Specs


Originally Posted by BrainEater View Post

You should start seeing some WU's from me assuming I've setup the SMP client correctly.


I have decided to hammer in one of the coffin nails on the "Mod The Box" coffin.(another dead Canadian Modding site).....I've been folding for them for a while .

I will also be bringing over a couple other peeps in my clan , as well as my borgs.

Welcome! glad to see our resident Mad Scientist join our Folding team. Can't wait to see how the Thinktank 2 does with Folding ...

I am also interested to see how your quad does, at a 2.93 OC I get around 1950 PPD with the SMP client running the GPU client at the same time. Haven't had much time for overclocking or tweaking tho...

And the more peeps and borgs the better.
Folding For Team 54196

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