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Originally Posted by bojangles View Post
I get huge holes at UWO in London. It could be my phone as well though aka RAZR. I'm looking into getting a new phone because I'm due for a HUP.
I have the 3G iPone and ANY where in London I get great service and get 3G speeds. Now like 2 weeks ago I didn't have 3G where I live and now I get 3G! Rogers is very great in Ontario. My dad used to have Bell but switched to Rogers because of better reception. But I don't live out west so I have no idea how good it is there. And yes I have the $30 6gig plan and have a hard time getting to 1gig so basically it is unlimited to me. Although if they had a 1gig plan for 10 bucks I would take it in a heart beat.

Best thing for OP to do is threaten to switch and they will beg for you.

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