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Default A Not So Small Issue With GPU2 Client

I will try to describe this problem with the GPU2 client I have been having without going into unnecessary territory (ie: breaking NDA).

Basically, I have a pre-released GPU which has a unified shader architecture that I am trying to get folding for a benchmark in the review.

Here is the problem:

Whenever I boot the GPU2 client, it tells me a serious error has occured and the application mush terminate. This isn't a Fatal Error from Windows but rather a message from the Client itself.

Here are some basic system specs:

Q9300 @ Stock
ASUS P5E Deluxe
4GB G.Skill DDR2-1000
Vista Ultimate x64

The log file shows the following:

[14:30:52] - Ask before connecting: No
[14:30:52] - User name: SKYMTL (Team 54196)
[14:30:52] - User ID: 160B35ED41EE921B
[14:30:52] - Machine ID: 2
[14:30:52] Loaded queue successfully.
[14:30:52] Initialization complete
[14:30:52] + Processing work unit
[14:30:52] Core required: FahCore_11.exe
[14:30:52] Core found.
[14:30:52] Working on queue slot 01 [September 6 14:30:52 UTC]
[14:30:52] + Working ...
[14:30:57] CoreStatus = FFFFFFF6 (-10)
[14:30:57] Client-core communications error: ERROR 0xfffffff6
[14:30:57] This is a sign of more serious problems, shutting down.
Personally I think this is happening because the GPU2 client does not support a GPU which has not been released to the general public yet or the beta drivers I am using for the GPU don't play nice with F@H.

However, I am not a "pro" per se at this Folding thing so maybe some of you guys may have some insight.

Is my assumption correct in that the client needs to have support for exact card IDs in order to run, or am I barking up the wrong tree?
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