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Modular takes up less space and if you can't hide the cables, can interfere with other components/airflow. Beyond that, I've never seen a reasonable criticism that held water, beyond the possibility of the manufacturer doing a lousy job building the unit.

Considering what other components seem to have no trouble sending hard data across connectors (DIMM's, expansion cards, USB, etc) at speeds measured in MHz or even GHz, straight power probably isn't suffering in that department. Furthermore, the PCP&C myth stating that the connector voltage drop can be equal to 2 feet of wire... well, 2 feet of wire is pretty darn close to "0".

I figure that by the time the nearly negligible voltage drops across the connector actually become a problem to your situation (if ever), you've got a soldering iron out and you're 'fixing' your equipment to keep up with your (marginally insane) goals.
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