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Originally Posted by Jon_di2 View Post
Did you check out this post... WD SE16 640GB vs. Seagate 7200.11 640GB

Seems to me like it directly applies to you... no real reason to create a new thread even. But since you did, I have the WD 640 and it works great, no problems, but read the review so you can decide on your own. The guy who compared the two says to go with the WD over the Seagate too...
You know it would be nice if you actually read what I've written before posting something, I've seen that thread like more than 3 times, I know which one is better, my thread wasn't about which hard drive to go for, but the best possible way to save some cash.

Originally Posted by Jack Rabbit View Post
Price matching for an $80 unit is not worth the time. If you can put your cash on the counter and walk out of the store with your item you should go for it.
Just what I thought would be the best Jack, thanks for supporting me.
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