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My System Specs


I chose the MB for a few reasons; first is because it's amongst the highest performing MB's in the X38 line. It has some incredible overclocking features to it, and although I'm not much of an OC'er, products made with OC'ing in mind tend to be extremely dependable when run in stock configuration. Another great thing about this motherboard is that it supports both DDR2 and DDR3 RAM. So if I decide to upgrade in a while, it's as easy as switching one out for the other. And lastly, the dual digital audio feature is huge for me. I run a few audio mixing programs as a hobby, and this is something I'd use for sure.

As stated before, I'm new to the Intel lineup, so I don't know what the performance is like across the table. I was under the assumption that Intel was more or less phasing out the dual cores in favour of the quads. I just figured it was the way to go with Intel. How's the performance on the E8400? The price is certainly attractive at $100 less than the quad.

Issues with the Firestix? Bummer, I was actually choosing Firestix because I'd heard they were more stable. Although Mushkin has really been thrown around a lot on the forums, so there must be some substance to it. I'll look into it for sure. Thanks for the tip.

I'm actually looking at the LG's based on noise level alone. I mean, let's face it... Samsung, LG, Pioneer... they've all pretty much mastered the DVDRW by now. I know that SATA optical drives are slightly newer on the technology timeline, but I don't really think I'd be dissapointed too much with the performance on any of them. From what I've read though, LG is pretty much the quietest of the bunch. Which suits me just fine since I've been using LG Opticals for as long as I can remember assempling my own systems.

I didn't mention fans because I'm still looking in to that. A lot of those decisions will depend on how I decide my case mod to shape up as far as LED's vs. Black fans, etc. There will be plenty of air movement when I'm done though.

The TRUE Black 120 was chosen 50% because it's a very good heatsink, and 50% because it's black, which fits in perfect with my mod ideas. So barring finding one that's red with equal or better performance, I'll likely stick with this one, even if it means not getting quite the best bang for my buck.

Again with the MB, see the above comment to Charlie. Although the input is fantastic, and thanks to both of you. I'm not dead set on it yet, and I'm looking in to the options you two have mentioned, but we'll see.

Great tip on the Seagate 640GB! Thanks a lot! 300GB for $12, can't get much better than that!

And price matching is a for sure. I live in Vancouver, so the ability to pick up my orders here from NCIX, Atic, will be taken in to account. But I only linked the NCIX products for the convenience of the links, not because I'd decided to buy everything from them. Incidentally, if anyone knows of some good places I should be looking at in Vancouver for hardware, let me know. Sometimes the best deals come from places that don't have online ordering, and I'm perfectly capable of walking in to the store.

As I said before, I'm looking at price vs performance, and I can't think of anything that 2 HD4850's can't do very well. I know that upgrading is made easier by going with the 4870X2 since I can just drop another card in for CF, but realistically, by the time I had to upgrade 2 HD4850's, I'd be looking at a whole new generation of cards. However, with a second person urging me to look in to the 4870X2, I'll certainly do more research on it before making a purchase.

Thanks to everyone so far for the feedback, and keep it coming. I'll look in to the various hardware suggestions and post an updated list of choices.
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