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Thanks folks. I fixed the coding error - typo on my part I missed. It doesn't throw an error in FF2 but does in FF3.

The reason there is no window in the P182 is that it was primarily designed to be quiet. The side panels are an aluminum/composite sandwich and are fairly thick and surprisingly heavy. They do an excellent job of noise dampening. My case has 4 case fans, a cpu fan, the 3 40mm fans on the memory cooler, 4 HDD's , the 80mm in the PSU and the only thing I can hear is that damn turbine on the video card (hoefully quieted down soon). And that's with the case sitting on the desktop about 2 feet away. Placed on the floor under the deak it should be virtually silent.

Windows on the other hard can no provide any silencing and offten contribute to a case's "noisieness" by providing a hard resonant surface. The also do nothing for EMI but that's another issue
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