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My System Specs


Case: case closed.
PSU: since you're going for dual 4850s, possibly a Quad and for future upgradability, go for the BFG 800W. Or even the Corsair TX750W.
MB: interesting choice - are you going to overclock? Another choice could be the Gigabyte GA-EP45-DS3P, or the Asus P5Q-E.
CPU: fine, I swear by my Quads; but what about an E8400?
GPU: great choice. I had 4870s in Crossfire that worked right out of the boxes. I'm now using GTX280s for Folding.
Ram: I've read about many issues with the Firestixs. If you want some good ram, with no incompatibility, choose Mushkin - the Ascent 8500 sticks are great.
HDD: fine. The WD 640s are a good choice too.
DVD: fine. Some may say that the Pionners are better, but I always choose LGs personally.
HSF: fine, Thermalright make great products. But you're missing some fans: Scythe SFF21Fs, in push-pull config.
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