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My System Specs


From my understanding, the 2x HD4870's outperform the 4870X2, which is only slightly better than 2x HD4850's. The performance jump seems minimal for the cost, although I was considering 2x HD4870's. The reason I opted for the HD4850's was the performance increase was all in the 'undetectable by the human eye' realm. If I can play a game at 90 FPS, do I really care about the jump to 110? You can't even notice that! (Everything I run is in 1680x1050 btw. That's native for my monitor.)
And as stated before, the case is non-negotiable. Although I could save a bit by removing a HDD, I've always preferred running 2 HDD's. First, I can set to page off the second drive for performance, and second because it only takes one dead HDD with all your music, photo's, etc. to learn your lesson... backups on a seperate drive are a must. (And no way am I burning 70+ GB of music on to DVD's)

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