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Originally Posted by MAKAVELI View Post
their shipping instructions at say that you can use a seashell to ship 3.5" drives ...

do they have different instructions for 1tb drives or something?
If you read my post at the top (which you clearly didn't) I said that in the email they sent for the RMA they want the esd bag OR the sea shell in the rubber. The seashell is not a replacement for the rubber.

Also, on the 5th page of the link you submitted (which I already saw...thanks) it clearly states to place the seashell in a box with 2in rubber foam which i am currently looking for.

Posted this to see if anyone had tried an RMA with Seagate without the rubber foam they seem to make a big deal about that nobody seems to stock (except the suppliers they give for the products that ship from the US...would rather not pay $15US plus shipping and duties for freaking rubber lol)
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