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My System Specs


Originally Posted by SugarJ View Post
Oh, I agree it's not required. But he actually times the boot time of his system almost every time. Very impatient about that kind of thing. He phones me when the system gets slower. It's usually because he's installed something without realizing it. I'm suprised he's gone 3 years without upgrading, actually.

So, with a $1000 total system budget, I figured I could put some decent parts in it that should keep him happy for a year or two.
$1000 budget? Damn, that's a mighty fine surfing rig! Well, why not go for some basic board (EP45-DS3L), a nice video card (4850, 8800GT), 2 Gb of Ram, and a 500 Gb 7200.11 HDD?

That should be within your budget, right?
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