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Originally Posted by Babrbarossa View Post
Thanks- I wonder if those 8800gtx coolers work on the gts.
It would appear that 200 bucks is pretty much the starting point to H2O,

I'm not sure if I'm thinking along the right lines, but I think I would rather have the radiator and pump seperate, so that in a couple of years I can replace the pump w/o replacing the rest of the kit.

I like the look of this kit-- any good?

I dont know much about kits ...but thru my research i found that most people prefer to build there own kits piece by piece and always go with seperate components so that upgrading and replacements arent a hassel.
Thats why i bought the kit that i that i can change things as needed.

Ive seen lots of kits that have the rads mounted in the rear both inside and out ( just reverse the fans if needed)...thats why i put one rad in and one rad out...

Just my 2cents worth
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