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My System Specs


Originally Posted by SKYMTL View Post
Monday / Tuesday follow up content: i7-2600K vs 8700K. Overclocked and stock of course.

Any requests for settings, etc? I'll be using a more "basic" GTX 1060 for this one since there has been some complaints about the use of a TITAN XP in the reviews.

Considering an 8700K + mobo + memory will likely put you back (~$700) $360+$150+$150 I was thinking of adding in the 2600K + GTX 1080 Ti as a comparison that looks at JUST upgrading the GPU for less money.
I like both these options. Give a very clear picture of performance:cost for someone looking to upgrade.

The only issue I can see is graphic quality settings. Would you keep them the same between both setups? I think for comparative sake that would be the best idea. Apples to apples with the hardware being the Oranges.
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