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Default Need help with 3870X2 CFX blank screen issue!

Ok, this has been smoking my brain for a while now and I need some opinions.

I recently dumped one of my 3870's and bought a 3870X2 from kruzn4evr for a tri-fire setup.

Both of the cards I have now are Diamonds, and both work fine on their own. However, when I team them up in the box there is no video.......... SOMETIMES.
The system is fully booting up though because I can hear the chimes when Vista starts.
At first I reset the bios and things seemed fine until I put all my settings back to the way they were. It turns out my 4gigs of G.Skill when OC'd is causing random BSOD's and freezing or crashing to the desktop during benchmarking with the 3870X2 and 3870. I put the ram back to stock settings and upped the multi on the 5000+ BE to keep 3.2GHz. Ok, seems good now right? Hell no! The ram timings have to be at stock AND their voltage needs to be at 2 volts too!

As everything is now, if I power up my machine and there's no video I have to power down, take one stick of ram out, power back up and BAM!!!!!! I have video and I can watch the POST. So then I just turn the computer off again, toss the stick of ram back in and everything is fine. Things are stable. I can play games, run benchies etc........

But anytime I turn off the computer or reboot, the problem may or may not come back. Most often IT DOES (about 98% of the time) and it's pissing me off!

So....... I know alot of people have laughed at the "marketing scheme" of SLI and Crossfire certified ram but I'm starting to think it's not a joke. The whole idea of it is, that it's SUPPOSED TO WORK! It's tested and proven. It's not intended to be "better" as most tend to think. Should I be looking at getting some CF Certified RAM or should I try something else first?

The current ram I have is: F2-6400CL5D-2GBNQ

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