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My System Specs


Yeah I would agree with that AkG. I was kind of jazzed up about TR when it was on the horizon but in the end the utilization of the cores isn't there, as you said, and isn't likely coming for a couple years if I was being opptomistic. If the underlying architecture, i.e. the motherboard/chipset/features, weren't changing so quickly too then maybe there would be an argument for attempting to future proofing some. But if the CPUs keep requiring us to change motherboards every few years (or less) then you're absolutely right; why plunk down that much on something only to feel the itch to upgrade again in two years anyway?

This is kind of me talking through my next move. Part of me really wanted to enter the HEDT world but the reality is the next few sets of CPUs that aren't technically HEDT in the normal sense will be more than enough for the majority of what I do. Moving to one that is 6-8 physical cores will be upgrade enough, especially considering the 4790K is still no slouch.

You guys are always so responsible! You never talk me into spending more money! lol
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