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Originally Posted by Lysrin View Post
Ah OK thanks for that Sagath. I didn't realise that was what was happening there. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything. I'm thinking this article may generate a decent amount of discussion or at least fireballs to throw at Intel for the price!

SKYMTL makes the comment in conclusion that gamers should avoid this and similar high core count CPUs. I can certainly agree with that given the price. But isn't there any chance that we should be getting ready for games that want more cores? Star Citizen has stated that they will take advantage of up to 16 cores in the future. Single case I guess, but how far away from that being more the norm are we, and I guess are we far enough away right now that even Threadripper for the price doesn't make sense... yet?

I just wonder about it because my gaming PC is lasting many more years than it did in the old days. i7 920 system was chugging along for 5 years and was still decent when I upgraded to 4790K, I just wanted to upgrade! So if that is the case, is there an argument for getting more cores? Maybe there is but the argument for Coffee Lake or similar with their 6-8 physical cores really is the more reasonable next step, as SKYMTL pointed out.
My opinion on that is simple. Game makers have been promising to fully utilize multiple cores and yet here we are with only a few games that can max out 6C/12T. Most its 4 threads at best. As such I would recommend buying whatever is best for your needs now... as by the time these or AMD versions can take advantage of 12C/24T or better... a couple generations will have past.

Basically future proofing is all well and fine, but 'all things in moderation' is how I view it. Why spend a ton of money on a CPU you may never fully utilize when you can get a less expensive one you can use right now? YMMV
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